2 July 2010

cookie shaped fossils of multi cellular life form from gabon 2.1 billion years old

Newly discovered “cookie-shaped” fossils of early multi-cellular life form


27 October 2009

Facebook simplifies handling of user deaths

Relatives or friends of a deceased user can now contact FB via a form to have the profile archived, or “memorialized” with decreased visibility on the site.


16 February 2009

How to not fail at life: 4chan’s advice

Discussed in more detail here.

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3 January 2009

Jack Cheng's love-growth-cash triangle

Figuring out why you do Stuff: the love-growth-cash triangle

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26 July 2008

Randy Pausch, professor behind the “Last Lecture” passes away

Dr. Pausch held his “Last Lecture” on how to live life last September knowing he had little time left. Watching the freely available video recording of his speech is time well spent for anyone planning to treat people, including him or herself in a proper, non-asshat fashion.

Pausch’s memoirs have been released in book form under the title “The Last Lecture” (review).

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