24 February 2010

The tech behind the Pennsylvania school laptop spying case

This provides some new details to the story from last week on how the Lower Merion School District/Harriton High School used compulsory school laptops to monitor students at home. Some network admin named Mike Perbix is the evil fucktard responsible for maintaining the school district sanctioned installation of LANRev/Absolute Manage, a very comprehensive (but insecurely built) software package used for monitoring the school provided Macbooks.

The story was uncovered after a student was suspended for “using drugs” at home, based on a photo taken with the laptop’s built in webcam. The student was eating candy.


23 January 2010

Steve Ballmer signed my Macbook

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15 December 2009

Think twice before taking your laptop to Israel

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21 December 2008

Laptop decoration ideas

All hail the mighty logo stickers.

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