27 May 2010

Polari, the secret language of British gay men

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19 March 2010

Paramedic Method: A Lesson in Writing Concisely

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22 December 2009



27 October 2009

The fucking word of the day

“[You’re] probably already familiar with the concept of The Word of the Day. […] Here’s the idea: things are easier to learn when it involves sex, drugs, and fucking swearing. Because we’re interested in that shit.”


17 September 2009

Wikipedia: Irony mark

Also: Sarcasm mark

8 August 2009

A Brief History of Fail

NYT on how “Fail” went from verb to interjection.


17 April 2009

How to Rapidly Improve Speaking Skills (may cause a British accent)

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17 January 2009

Bow, the grammatically correct chimpanzee

“Bow’s development shatters what everyone has believed so far about the cognitive abilities of chimpanzees.”

See also: Primate-Jobs Positions Available


11 August 2008

“Politics And The English Language”, 1947 essay by George Orwell

I fully admit to being exposed to the English language largely through sloppy news reporting and other political nonsense, technical documentation and hastily written blogs as well as other fast-paced online conversations. I’m painfully aware that I often swamp my writing with contemporary “news-speak”.

In this essay, George Orwell offers advice I’d consider invaluable especially for non-native English speakers like myself who try to write relaxed texts that make sense.

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4 July 2008


Wiktionary defines gurgitator as “a competitive eater”.

18 June 2008

Something I wish I’d found earlier on: a free, web based guide to Finnish grammar. Available in English, Finnish and German.

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