18 March 2010

imon Pegg and Nick Frost shaun of the dead empire magazine 20 photo shoot

Actors and actresses imitate their own iconic characters for film magazine photo shoot

Empire trotted the globe to deliver you 27 of the planet’s biggest stars, recreating iconic performances from two decades in film, for a unique 20th birthday celebration…”

Empire’s own gallery viewer sucks, luckily there’s an alternate place to view the pictures.


21 October 2009

russian fallout cosplay suit

Fallout themed Russian LARP

The photos seem to originate from a Russian Livejournal-account with at least one post in English explaining what appears to be quite serious, non-facepalm inducing cosplaying/Live action roleplaying.

EDIT: Apparently these people play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (great pics!) around the Chernobyl site as well (thx, Jonatan).


7 August 2009

old soviet era russian vinyl album covers records sleeves

Assorted Russian Soviet era album covers

A mixed bunch to say the least.


4 July 2008

Fascinating graphics artist

The most interesting work of “tebe_interesno“, a Moscow based graphics artist, seems to involve photorealistic scenery with strange drawn creatures inserted.

A light like that could come in handy sometimes. Picture by tebe_interesno.


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