6 July 2010

Animal Specimens with Transparent Skin and Rainbow Skeletons

Original article (japanese site, obscure english translation)
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8 June 2010


A selection of surrealistic paintings by Tetsuya Ishida (1973-2005).

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13 January 2010

in case of an emergency cut along the dotted line japanese seppuku harakiri t-shirt, the ritual suicide by disembowelment

Seppuku inspired t-shirt design

It says “In case of an emergency cut along the dotted line.”


18 November 2009

Japanese Fanta Commericals Fan(ta)subbed


25 October 2009

A foldable Lego replica of the Kinkaku-ji Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto. (#)

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Japanese futurism from 1969: The Rise of the Computerized School, illustrated by Shigeru Komatsuzaki - future classroom with watchful robots that rap students on the head if they lose focus or act up

Japanese 60’s futurism: visions of high tech schools and homes

Notice the cute whacker robots designed to beat children over the head if any rebellious acts occur in the computerized and unmanned classroom. Mmyeah, overgrown flyswatters on wheels will surely convince those fuckers to behave.

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21 October 2009

Mechanical Tumor (CPU activity meter)

The age old philosophical question “Why the fuck?”, shall of course remain unanswered.


2 September 2009

Translation Party – where machine translation and automated hilarity meets

Examples 1, 2. Techcrunch explains the site:

“At each step along the way, the words you began with gradually take shape to form something entirely different and (hopefully) awesome. The retranslations continue until you reach what the site calls ‘equilibrium’, when the English and Japanese words translate back and forth into exactly the same thing.”


10 November 2008

Japanese embedded Lineo Linux boots in 2.97 seconds

“Warp 2 comprises a bootloader, Linux kernel, and a “hibernation driver” […] The driver takes a snapshot of RAM when hibernation is launched, saving the contents into flash memory, optionally compressing the data. On start-up, the contents are quickly returned to RAM, so that the system resumes its previous running state.”


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