28 May 2011

Stanley Kubrick’s Chicago, 1949

“Before he started making movies, Stanley Kubrick was a star photojournalist. In the summer of 1949, Look magazine sent him to Chicago to shoot pictures for a story called “Chicago City of Contrasts.”

– Chicago Tribune

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11 July 2010

Rupert Murdoch may be evil, but that doesn’t mean his paywall is

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1 June 2010

What does Israel fear from media coverage?

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12 March 2010

Wired Reread: retro gold from old issues of Wired Magazine

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20 February 2010

From Jethro Tull’s Thick As A Brick LP cover. The album is available on Spotify.

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16 February 2010

Iceland’s fight for press freedom

“New legislation that proposes turning the island into a protective ‘haven’ for media could allow investigative journalism to flourish”


18 December 2009

Content farming: conquering the web by producing cheap content based on search stats

“Most media companies are trying hard to increase those numbers, to boost the value of their online content until it matches the amount of money it costs to produce. But […] instead of trying to raise the market value of online content to match the cost of producing it — perhaps an impossible proposition — the secret is to cut costs until they match the market value.”

You might have noticed how Sturgeon’s Law (“Ninety percent of everything is crud”) lives its own rampant life on the Internet in the form of these ad filled sites with unbelievably shitty how-tos and fake advice. But wait a year or two until clustered ponds of shit like eHow, Cracked and Livestrong might begin to mimic journalism. Quality media has only started its long, stinky journey down the rabit hole/drain pipe of the Intertube

An interview with Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt

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25 October 2009

Selection of immigration related front page headlines in British tabloids


25 July 2009

Associated Press to try stopping web users from quoting and linking to their articles for free

l bet they’ll try rendering all text as image files and blocking http referrers. Linking is theft!


28 April 2009

Time 100 (2009) poll results: Marble Cake Also The Game

How 4chan’s moot won the annual TIME 100 Poll

Also: Marble Cake


19 April 2009

A.P. Doesn’t Know It Has A YouTube Channel: Threatens Affiliate For Embedding Videos


11 February 2009

Statue honoring Iraqi shoe-thrower removed

Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi recently threw a shoe at George W. Bush.


12 September 2008

The Pirate Bay claims to end all contact with Old Media

Due to pigfuckery performed by people representing Old Media, TPB claims to no longer respond to any press inquiries.

Anything even remotely connected to technology has never been represented correctly or fairly by journalists (whom we all know are clueless by definition), but the last straw for TPB’s staff was apparently claims made by a media outlet yesterday according to which TPB had “published pictures of dead children” (Google translation).

The pictures in question are part of autopsy reports related to a high profile murder case made public by the prosecutor and are, obviously for anyone familiar with Bittorrent, uploaded by some user of TPB. As TPB isn’t in the business of censoring the Internet, they have refused to remove anything except child porn from the service, which in this case lead to death threats being aimed towards the staff.

8 September 2008

Google News Archive Adds Many Scanned Newspapers

30 August 2008

Fake news in US newspapers

“As more newspapers and other media outlets cut staff, public relations and advertising make gains. The Minnesota-based firm ARAnet provides “free print and Web content. […] More than 65 of the nation’s top 100 newspapers, including the Star Tribune, use” ARAnet content, which “carries client messages.” ARAnet president Scott Severson says his firm provides “high-quality consumer content” that “just happen[s] to be underwritten by our clients.””

Summary from PR-Watch.


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