29 January 2010

Farmville parody ad

Direct Youtube link. Also, Mafia Wars. I don’t quite have a chronological grasp of Youtube memes, but these really remind me of Powerthirst.

[via:Jeff Atwood]

21 January 2010

The Brushie Bat


12 December 2009

Is 4chan the Future of Human Consciousness?



8 August 2009

Know Your Meme explains Ualuealuealeuale/Batman

Also: collection on Youtube, semi-original Flash animation.

20 May 2009

Crossword Goatse

According to page 19 of the same newspaper, the correct answer for the row is the Finnish word “ottaja” (“receiver”) as the picture clearly depicts the exchange of a cookie(?).

See also: Goatse


17 January 2009

Hitler’s subtitles ruined by a cheap font collection CD

Late last year, some custom subtitled versions of a scene in Der Untergang spawned on Youtube. The font CD one and “Banned on Wikipedia” are the only funny ones I found.

Der Untergang (en: Downfall) is of course a master-piece of epic sadness. Those who can’t handle 2+ hours of bunker drama, should at least watch the original English subtitled version of the scene spoofed above.


19 October 2008

[higher resolution version]

9 October 2008

Book version of “I Can Has Cheezburger?”


29 September 2008

Barack Obama 2008 spoof: Admiral Ackbar, 'it's a trap'

Barackbar ’08… he knows when it’s a trap

See also: Admiral Ackbar, “it’s a trap!”


11 September 2008

More Cowbell!

This is more fun than the original skit. There’s a good summary on Metafilter:

“Upload a song, experience the fever. Adds a synchronized cowbell and Walken track to any song. Part of The Echo Nest’s launch of its developer site where anyone can access our audio analysis, search capabilites or data feeds (tags / reviews / posts for any artist, all automatically.) The Python code of the cowbell renderer is also now available as an example in the open-source Echo Nest Remix API.”

I tried a few tracks. Some tracks obviously work better than others: Cecilia, Do What You Wanna Do, Jingo, Jitterbug (from the beginning of “Mulholland Dr.”), Killing In The Name, Midlife Crisis, Regular John, Stinkfist.



13 August 2008

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are tonight’s entertainment!

whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you... stranger.

...whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you... stranger.

A latter day addition to the Serious Cat line of memes.

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