14 October 2009

Meow mix

Omglog is not an outlet for cat videos. This one has a twist to it, though.


30 September 2009


Lame and awkward posts from Facebook. Hilarious.


15 September 2009

midnight madness three frames

Three Frames

Apparently a collection of three frame animated gifs from random movies. Permanent link to example.


3 September 2009

lemmings virkattuna

Crocheted Lemmings

Pics by Timo from Otaniemi(?).

See also: Lemmings


14 August 2009

Your World Of Text

This is like an unhealthy mix of Google Wave and /b/.


8 August 2009

Know Your Meme explains Ualuealuealeuale/Batman

Also: collection on Youtube, semi-original Flash animation.

A Brief History of Fail

NYT on how “Fail” went from verb to interjection.


25 July 2009

The importance of automatically updating an illustration of the Sun’s life-cycle every 10,000 years

Serious business.


24 July 2009

Use Your Hand Puppet As a Cellphone Case, Gizmodo's Kermit the frog Goatse

Kermit the Frog Goatse: Use Your Hand Puppet As a Cellphone Case


20 May 2009

Crossword Goatse

According to page 19 of the same newspaper, the correct answer for the row is the Finnish word “ottaja” (“receiver”) as the picture clearly depicts the exchange of a cookie(?).

See also: Goatse


28 April 2009

Time 100 (2009) poll results: Marble Cake Also The Game

How 4chan’s moot won the annual TIME 100 Poll

Also: Marble Cake


15 April 2009

We Didn’t Start the Flame War

Brutally honest depiction of user participation on Digg and Youtube.


5 April 2009


“Igotapostcard is a continuous project where people practice the art of leaving self-addressed stamped postcards in public places to be picked up and personalized by others, who then send them back.”

[via:Laughing Squid]

24 March 2009

Must read webcomic: AmazingSuperPowers

I find it truly offensive that I didn’t stumble over this one earlier.

Notice the mouseover texts and pay attention to those hidden image map links, usually in the last panel.

21 March 2009

The Vintage Web, a collection of old-fashioned web design


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