25 June 2010

The Settlers of Catan ported to Microsoft Surface #

[via:Chris Helenius]

6 December 2009

Awesome By Proxy: Addicted to Fake Achievement

An essay on how role playing games might work as bogus affirmation for vulnerable, performance orientated egos.


13 August 2009

new york times on the creation of the beatles rock band here comes the sun art beatles characters

New York Times discusses the creation of “The Beatles: Rock Band”

A few videos and slide shows with elaborate notes and included.

The Beatles in video games has been discussed on this site before.


30 July 2009

Beach artwork from Disney developed

Disney developing “Epic Mickey”, a video game set in a dystopian steampunk Magic Kingdom

“The project […] is being headed by former Deus Ex designer Warren Spector, whose studio was acquired by Disney in 2007″


26 June 2009

Certified WTF: Michael Jackson’s video game career

The above link is a quite readable Google translation from Italian.

See also:
Youtube links 1, 2, Wikipedia article on the game series.

EDIT: Jean pointed out that Angry Video Game Nerd has an extensive review of one of the games. Beats the videos mentioned above.

25 March 2009

Hero Within, T-Shirt design by MW82, knight with video game controller facing dragon

Hero Within

Awesomeness by Mikko Walamies (MW82). T-shirt here.


7 February 2009

Left 4 Book (from book covers for video games-thread on Something Awful)

Awesome book covers for games in Something Awful forums.

6 February 2009

Ze Frank’s voice drawing toy

See also:
the show


23 December 2008

Achievement Unlocked: A game of Achievement Unlocking

Epic Metagames.


1 December 2008

Unsanity in a Flash: Bio-Bak, a Dutch artist portfolio

This is true, rare Fat-Pie class weirdness. Make sure that you view the site in full screen.


17 November 2008

Offworld, Boing Boing’s new gaming blog

That web design is so retro it makes me want to eat mushrooms.


18 October 2008

PS3 game soundtrack with Qur’an reference causes massive recall

The combination of religious pigfuckers and corporate censorship is such great fun. Also: fuck multiculturalism.


13 October 2008

Ars Technica reviews “Night of Bush Capturing” (islamist propaganda game)

The following Youtube video of the “final boss” is included in the review.


9 October 2008

Portal: Prelude, a free, unofficial Portal mod with prequel storyline

At this time, test subjects were monitored by real Aperture Science employees whose work was tedious, lengthy and repetitive. This is why they decided to build a great artificial intelligence that could both replace them in these difficult tasks […] and compete with Black Mesa’s superiority. All employees of the Aperture Science complex are now eagerly awaiting GlaDOS. Maybe even a little too eagerly, as the upcoming events will tell…”

Reviewed by Gamespy.

HD Trailer


20 September 2008

Dancing Jesus (Spore Creature Creator)


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