5 July 2010

An elaborate 4chan-based prank leaves Justin Bieber facing a tour of North Korea after having his web presence manipulated.

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2 July 2010


# and #

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8 February 2010

Polish newspaper accidentally makes Pedobear Olympic mascot

The creator of the photoshopped image lives on Livejournal. Hires scan via Boing Boing. Explanation for minds not violated by /b/ provided by Know Your Meme.


21 January 2010

The Brushie Bat


23 December 2009

4chan founder moot to speak at TED2010

Christopher “moot” Poole started 4chan in 2003 by buying server space with his mom’s credit card. He was 15 at the time.

EDIT: The talk is online now.

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8 August 2009

Know Your Meme explains Ualuealuealeuale/Batman

Also: collection on Youtube, semi-original Flash animation.

16 February 2009

How to not fail at life: 4chan’s advice

Discussed in more detail here.

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4 January 2009

Comic portraying office revolt, workplace transforming into a free, tribal society

Oldmeme is probably old, but deserves a posting. The next few days at work will be one great struggle against the temptation to attach this image to every sent e-mail message.

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