10 July 2010

Youtube launches support for 4K video resolution

Google is obviously building infrastructure for some kind of major, commercial video distribution project. But they’re also preparing themselves for a not so distant future when normal people might have enormous, wall sized-screens at home.

This is not crazy talk without any real application within the lives of normal people. For instance: Any kind of convincing telepresence must be based on video quality much higher than 1080p. Ask yourself what it’d take to make you feel not so much out of place when attending some kind of party by appearing and watching others in life-size on a wall.

I’m just saying. People will want this kind of equipment.

22 October 2009

Nine Inch Nails – Survivalism (with Saul Williams, live in Atlanta 2009-05-10)

There’s lots of lovely HD quality stuff in the Nine Inch Nails Live 2009 channel.


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