18 December 2009

Google Chrome is now what I install for people who just need a browser. Note that Chrome installs itself per user and requires some tweaking if you want one install to run for several users.

I’m stuck with Firefox for some extensions, but I’d prefer Chrome, which is faster and keeps itself up-to-date without bothering the user at all, which usually is a good thing for security. People do really get irritated and confused by and might ignore the Firefox update dialogs. Here’s a nice holiday themed thing you can use to spam your folks with cute kitten-skinned Chrome installers or whatever.

[via:Hacker News]

8 September 2008

Google Chrome’s Tubular Easter Eggs



2 September 2008

Google Chrome, new crazy fast multi-process based WebKit browser

The advantages of the engineering choices made by the developers are discussed in Google’s blog entry and in this comic.

In related news, IE8 beta 2 is really bloated.

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