15 April 2012

Google BBS Terminal

Google BBS Terminal

“Google BBS Terminal – What Google would have looked like in the 80s”
(c) 2012 mass:werk – media environments, N. Landsteiner, <www.masswerk.at>

A fair dose of nostalgia for internet veterans.

2 February 2011

The Google Art Project

“A unique collaboration with some of the world’s most acclaimed art museums to enable people to discover and view more than a thousand artworks online in extraordinary detail.” #

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8 August 2010

DuckDuckGo looks like a real Google search competitor

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10 July 2010

Youtube launches support for 4K video resolution

Google is obviously building infrastructure for some kind of major, commercial video distribution project. But they’re also preparing themselves for a not so distant future when normal people might have enormous, wall sized-screens at home.

This is not crazy talk without any real application within the lives of normal people. For instance: Any kind of convincing telepresence must be based on video quality much higher than 1080p. Ask yourself what it’d take to make you feel not so much out of place when attending some kind of party by appearing and watching others in life-size on a wall.

I’m just saying. People will want this kind of equipment.

10 June 2010

google web search ssl beta https june 2010

Google has enabled SSL-support for web search. Not a day too soon.

This may cost them some CPU time, but they’ll keep their user data more private. As in, third parties won’t be able to sniff and track Google traffic on their networks if this becomes the default at some point. This is very good for the consumer, but arguably even more interesting for Google, since it makes data mining more difficult for potential competitors.

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1 June 2010

Google ditches Windows on security concerns

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20 May 2010

Founder of Internet Archive on the Google book scanning lawsuit

He mentions an actually unsettling side effect of Google’s endeavor: the accelerating privatization of library like institutions.

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13 May 2010

ipads will replace netbooks desktops laptops fffuuuu troll journalist sheep apple rage crop

I dislike the kind of reality distortion field and hype machinery the original article adds to. Still, I think the attitude the picture (huge scroller) messages is disturbing and represents exactly the kind of deep lack of understanding most technical people have for everyday computing needs.

Most people want and need devices and services that perform well and reliably, are easy to manage or manage themselves. Modern PCs just don’t perform well in this area. It’s easy to ridicule, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone with money to burn actually was to prefer using two iPad over a piece of shit EUR 500 laptop for all less keyboard intense computing tasks.

Semi-related food of thought – self maintaining software: Google Chrome OS’s design goals (auto updating, browser-only OS, may not be usable for netbooks, but I do want something like this on public terminals I maintain), Google Chrome and Google Pack (installs updates automatically, even for third party software like Firefox and Flash, using a very tasteful process automated by Windows’ scheduled tasks).

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20 April 2010

A Comparison of Dedicated Servers By Company

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10 February 2010

Streetview Finland – Where were you when Finland was Googled?

A blog collecting snaphots from Google Street View, which recently released summery scenery from Finland. Lots of sign language and such.


9 February 2010

Google Street View opened in Finland (news story in Finnish)

Google had the good taste to crawl Finland, including my place last summer when the weather wasn’t complete shit. But wait for the public outcry, Google Street View is just too good to be legal.

Embed code here.


26 January 2010

Google reader can now track changes to any website, generate feeds

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20 January 2010

GoogleSharing – a special kind of anonymizing proxy

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13 January 2010

Google to stop censoring google.cn, may close service and China offices


18 December 2009

Swedish Pirate Party launches instance of the Etherpad open source code

The code was released by Google a few hours ago, Piratpartiet‘s announcement is published over here (Google translation).

The original Etherpad service had in a short time become a killer application for collaborative work within at least the Swedish, and according to my personal experience, in the Finnish Pirate Party as well. Google’s initial plan was probably to use Etherpad’s tech with Wave and to shut down the original service entirely.

The Etherpad open source project is available here.

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