21 October 2009

russian fallout cosplay suit

Fallout themed Russian LARP

The photos seem to originate from a Russian Livejournal-account with at least one post in English explaining what appears to be quite serious, non-facepalm inducing cosplaying/Live action roleplaying.

EDIT: Apparently these people play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (great pics!) around the Chernobyl site as well (thx, Jonatan).


3 October 2009

hashima island decaying city photos

Photo essay: Hashima Island’s decaying ghost town

…formerly the most densely populated place on earth. After the essay was published, the town has been made available to tourists.

I’ve posted about ghost towns before.


9 October 2008

Photos from a trip to Chernobyl

“…standing on the ‘bridge of death’ here. So called because on the day of the explosion, people gathered on this bridge to see the beautiful rainbow coloured flames of the burning graphite nuclear core, whose flames were higher than the smoke stack itself. They were all exposed to levels of over 500 roentgens, a fatal dose.”

[via:Viralliset linkit]

24 July 2008

Pictures of ten ghost towns

…including scenes from Chernobyl (the BBC has a better collection of Chernobyl photos, though). For some reason I find abandoned cities intriguing. If you ask me, the only proper place for fugly Soviet era architecture is in photographs, movies or post-apocalyptic computer game scenery.


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