2 June 2010

Israeli Knesset member rejects navy account of attack

She added that within minutes of the raid beginning, three bodies had been brought to the main room on the upper deck in which she and most other passengers were confined. Two had gunshot wounds to the head, in what she suggested had been executions.”

…and of course:

“Tuesday right-wing parties launched their first attacks on Ms Zoubi, demanding the revocation of her immunity and her expulsion from the parliament. Danny Danon, a member of the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, called for her to be “tried for treason””

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1 June 2010

What does Israel fear from media coverage?

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14 July 2009

Hamas claims Israeli intelligence service is dumping libido increasing, youth corrupting chewing gum in Gaza



22 March 2009

Israeli soldiers ordered to shoot at Gaza rescuers

I could easily fill a body bag with post-it notes if I’d written one for every (recent) mental note I’ve made of “avoid the Middle East”.

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