18 April 2010

Not only is this My First Cubicle-type product intensely depressing, it’s also stupid. Since when have moderatly gifted children actually needed special-made computers and software?

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9 January 2010

Swing Your Energy, a finger spin powered mobile battery charger

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27 August 2009

Home Theater PC Casemod: Mobira Talkman MD94NT2 mobile phone from 1984

80’s Mobira Talkman mobile phone turned into home theater PC


24 July 2009

Use Your Hand Puppet As a Cellphone Case, Gizmodo's Kermit the frog Goatse

Kermit the Frog Goatse: Use Your Hand Puppet As a Cellphone Case


13 October 2008

Fonera 2.0 features usb port, print/file server, plugin API

Details on a beta version of an updated Fonera Wi-Fi sharing router were recently posted on the FON company blog. New features include a usb port, file/printer/scanner/webcam sharing, and a plugin API. Bittorrent support, backup tools and AirTunes-like functionality through plugins seem to be in planning. The unit is already available for purchase in some countries.

The new Fonera’s coolness is superseded only by the Freebox.

22 July 2008

The Polonium Pen: device for testing cocktails and beers for polonium

Useful for ex-spies.

25 June 2008

WTF: urine storing golf-club

Uroclub, urinal for golfers

“Attention Male Golfers! How many times has this happened? You arrive at the golf course, and soon you’re on to 18 holes with your best buddies. After drinking sport ades, water, beer, and whatever, you’re on the 3rd hole with no rest room in sight. There are no trees or bushes around and you just gotta go, what are you going to do?”

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