16 February 2010

Iceland’s fight for press freedom

“New legislation that proposes turning the island into a protective ‘haven’ for media could allow investigative journalism to flourish”


13 July 2009

Enjoy Freedom, based on Coca-Cola's logo

Enjoy Freedom

By Nelg in response to a friend being freed from military and civilian service. Low-res PNG, original.

17 January 2009

Demonstration against wiretapping law in Helsinki on Feb 5, 2009

Briefly in English: Meeting near the Central Railway Station at 14:30, demonstration to begin outside the Parliament at 15:00.

“Lex Nokia” is a loophole plagued law proposal which, if passed, would allow network owners to spy on header information (from/to fields) in electronic communications in order to stop very loosely defined “misuse”. Eavesdropping on “parts” of unencrypted electronic communication protocols is as much of a bad joke as pretending to be reading only the address part of a non-enveloped postcard.

The bill derives its informal name from Nokia, one of its corporate backers.

I’ve previously used this site as a vehicle for my views on the cancer of middle aged clueless-on-Internet-issues voters and politicians that’s destroying existing preconditions for civil liberties in my country.

Also: Google translation of the original post, the event on Facebook.

4 January 2009

Comic portraying office revolt, workplace transforming into a free, tribal society

Oldmeme is probably old, but deserves a posting. The next few days at work will be one great struggle against the temptation to attach this image to every sent e-mail message.

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