4 June 2010

Los Angeles media student suspended, reasons include “Tweeting about professor”

…the messages were non-threatening and didn’t mention the professors’ name.

[via:Andy Baio]

15 March 2010

According to Wikileaks, US Intelligence planned to destroy the service (pdf document).

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7 January 2010

Canadian gov’t orders takedown of websites parodying climate policy

Even more bizarre: the shiteater ISP disabled 4500 unrelated ip adresses.

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2 September 2009

Jail threat for Azerbaijani authors of satirical donkey video

Youtube link.


18 August 2009

Azerbaijan Police questioning citizens who voted for Armenian Eurovision song contest entry

Also: some background info on the controversy, the song in question (Youtube).


10 July 2009

Medieval fucktards of the week: Irish parliament passes blasphemy law

“…the maximum fine for blasphemy will be […] €25,000.”

More info here.


30 December 2008

China using tens of thousands of paid “internet commentators” to control public opinion

8 July 2008

Spanish blogger fined for comment left by reader calling Recording Industry org thieves


MEPs back ‘Soviet Internet’ plan

These pigfuckers really don’t want anything like a free Internet. More info by The Foundation for a Free Internet Infrastructure (FFII): 1, 2.


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