17 October 2009

Nasty Old People (imdb) was mentioned a few times lately for being the first Creative Commons licensed/freely redistributable feature film from Sweden. Having just watched it I don’t feel like I wasted my time. The story and characters are quirky at times, but there are a some simple, beautiful moments of humans getting along.

Links: Official site, original torrent, trailer.

30 April 2009

The Hunt For Gollum, £3,000 Fan-Made 40 Minute Tolkien Epic To Be Released Online On 2009-05-03

Watch the trailer.

BBC posted an interview with director Chris Bouchard, who’s been involved with indie filmmaking before.

5 August 2008

Free Culture Showcase to be included on Ubuntu disc images

“For the next release of Ubuntu we want to […] show off some free culture artists by putting their media on millions of Ubuntu systems around the world. […] The deadline for submissions is 4th September 2008.”


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