26 August 2009

Porn bookmark collections put people off upgrading to Firefox 3

“In May, [Mozilla made] one last attempt at persuading [Firefox 2 users] to move up to Firefox 3 […] Those who declined were invited to fill out a questionnaire. […] The number one reason for not upgrading was the new location bar, and the fact that it delved into people’s bookmark collections to suggest sites as they typed.”


31 January 2009

A comparison between a flame on Earth and a flame in a microgravity environment

Flame on Earth vs. flame in microgravity environment (NASA photo)


29 June 2008

How to get rid of bees (in fireproof outdoor environments)

Some guy on the Something Awful forums shares a spectacular photo set documenting the process of getting rid of bees pestering his relative’s garden and playground. Is this a sensible method? I have no idea, but fire is cool.

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