26 May 2010

Ireland’s largest ISP to cut off net access of alleged file sharers

“The European Parliament has been talking about internet access as a basic human right. It absolutely is not.” — Dick Doyle, Director general, Irish Recorded Music Association

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20 January 2010

Obama Supports $675K File Sharing Verdict


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28 December 2009

L.A. Times: Sweden’s Pirate Party battles Web laws

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6 July 2009

The schizo-politics of The Pirate Bay, Inc.


1 July 2009

Zeropaid’s index of bittorrent sites

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26 June 2008

These studies suggest that filesharing actually benefits most artists, and the ones that are badly hit (explaining the declining CD sales) are the ones who are already the most popular, and thus hurt by it the least. Another major factor in the drop of CD sales is the fact that their sales were artificially inflated in the beginning of the nineties as people began converting their cassette and LP collections into CD format, buying the music they already owned for a second time. Once this was done, the sales would have collapsed even without file sharing, as they returned to normal.

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