10 February 2010

Warner to quit free music streaming (Spotify)

I don’t mind paying a service like Spotify for streaming, and I wouldn’t mind Spotify putting parts of a steadily growing catalog behind a subscription paywall.

But if major labels start withdrawing their content before services like these get a chance to develop properly, I guess it’s back to not paying shit for major label music and developing encrypted p2p in case you wanna discover music through other sources than fucked up FM radio cesspits. Huge tech projects like Spotify need time. We’re talking 5+ years, which was the time it took for Last.fm to develop into a nice, mature service. And one thing is certain, the major music labels couldn’t and wouldn’t have built anything approaching the non-shittiness of Spotify on their own. At this point it’s clear to me that that record labels are as greedy as anyone and that they need someone with an outsider’s perspective and interests to produce products that don’t anal probe their users constantly.

And as far as download stores are concerned: The recording industry is still failing to deliver FLAC, lossless/full quality, downloads, which is what I require for purchases (well, following my statement about outsiders, this would be Apple’s or Spotify’s job). For me, there’s no problem in paying for streaming from a giant catalog in a good quality format like the 320 kbps Vorbis Spotify delivers to subscribers of their premium service. But I’m not paying for lossy archive copies.

EDIT: Daniel Ek/Spotify claims WMG isn’t leaving.


28 October 2009

racing car mid air mercedes-benz clk-gtr le mans 1999

That Will Buff Out (vehicle mishaps)

Another FAIL type blog, this time with weird car accidents. I accept this one thanks to its lack of annoying captions and dismal memories of myself doodling mainly car crashes when I was a kid. Link to example, whole sequence.


25 March 2009

Last.fm streams to require €3/month subscription outside Germany, UK, USA

Scrobbling etc. will remain free.

See also: Spotify (it scrobbles to last.fm)

24 September 2008

Pääsy Youtubeen estetty poliisiviranomaisten tietokoneilla

“Tavallinen poliisi ei pääse tietokoneeltaan katselemaan YouTube-palvelun videoita verkossa.

Poliisin työtä ohjaava sisäministeriö ylläpitää listaa internetsivustoista, joille tavallisella poliisilla ei ole pääsyä. Suosittu videopalvelu on mukana estolistalla, jota ministeriö perustelee tietoturvasyillä.
“Meillä oli hirveästi ongelmia YouTuben kanssa silloin kun se oli sallittu””

Selainturvallisuuden parantamiseksi tietoturvajeesus suosittelee esimerkiksi virtualisointia, adblockereita ja Firefoxia.

12 August 2008

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) at Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremonies

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), Microsoft Windows Windows crashing error message at Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremony

Now where's the 'any'-key?


23 June 2008

HS: Eroakirkosta.fi saa vastustajaksi liity kirkkoon-palvelun

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