15 March 2010

According to Wikileaks, US Intelligence planned to destroy the service (pdf document).

[via:Marcin de Kaminski]

17 July 2009

Anthrax War – documentary about the 2001 Anthrax Attacks

Recently aired by CBC, coming to European public broadcasters soon. The movie also discusses the death of David Kelly and other aspects of the messy world of bioweapons development, including the South African apartheid era government’s plans to control the black population.

Youtube parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. There’s also a book.

8 August 2008

How the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games got their logo

How the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games got its logo

EDIT: The GIF animation doesn’t seem to work in my copy of Internet Explorer 7.

Original non-animated cartoon found on VC’s blog last September.

31 July 2008

Man decapitates passenger aboard Greyhound bus in Canada

“While we were watching the door, he calmly walks up to the front with the head in his hand and the knife and just calmly stares at us and drops the head right in front of us”


19 July 2008

WTF: Heelarious – soft “high heels” for infants

If there’s one ultimate way to reach for what’s beyond the gloomy horizon of ordinary everyday hideousness and bad taste, soft “high heels” for infants might just be that.


8 July 2008

Spanish blogger fined for comment left by reader calling Recording Industry org thieves


29 June 2008

Microsoft leading development of police state utilities

On his Wired Mag blog, security expert Bruce Schneier writes the following about the development of “kill switches”, different remote shutdown abilities planned for e.g. vehicles, airplanes and consumer technology:

“Microsoft is doing some of the most creative thinking along these lines, with something it’s calling “Digital Manners Policies.” According to its patent application, DMP-enabled devices would accept broadcast “orders” limiting capabilities. Cellphones could be remotely set to vibrate mode in restaurants and concert halls, and be turned off on airplanes and in hospitals. … This is really about media companies wanting to exert their control further over your electronics. They not only want to prevent you from surreptitiously recording movies and concerts, they want your new television to enforce good “manners” on your computer, and not allow it to record any programs.”

26 June 2008

Depravity Scale, defining evil?

“Judges and juries both across the United States and in other countries who decide that a crime is “depraved,” “heinous,” or “horrible” can assign more severe sentences. Yet there is no standardized definition for such dramatic words that courts already use.” … “To minimize the arbitrariness of how courts determine the worst of crimes, and to eliminate bias in sentencing, the Depravity Scale research aims to establish societal standards of what makes a crime depraved”


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