15 September 2010

On Greek corruption and financial ruin


29 November 2009

Certain expressions not acceptable: UK right-wing MEP Nigel Farage reprimanded for criticizing Baroness Ashton, EU’s foreign minister, among others (Youtube).

Jerzy Buzek, The President of the European Parliament, was displeased with the “tone” Farage used in criticizing “important EU officials.”


2 August 2009

Do crabs have rights?


27 August 2008

EU pays for, then ignores study on copyright extension

8 July 2008

MEPs back ‘Soviet Internet’ plan

These pigfuckers really don’t want anything like a free Internet. More info by The Foundation for a Free Internet Infrastructure (FFII): 1, 2.


28 June 2008

U.S. and Europe Near Agreement on Private Data

We’ll be out of privacy soon. How cool isn’t that?

“The United States and the European Union are nearing completion of an agreement allowing law enforcement and security agencies to obtain private information — like credit card transactions, travel histories and Internet browsing habits — about people on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. … The potential agreement … would represent a diplomatic breakthrough for American counterterrorism officials”

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