8 June 2010

EFF’s List of Printers Which Do or Do Not Display Tracking Dots

“A “no” simply means that we couldn’t see yellow dots; it does not prove that there is no forensic watermarking present. (For example, the HP Color LaserJET 8500 series does not include any yellow tracking dots that we can see, but it may still include some kind of forensic marking, since the majority of other Color LaserJET models do.”


5 June 2010

EFF Founder: Internet has broken the political system


14 April 2009

Campus Police: Using two operating systems & command lines sign of suspicious activity

The suspect is known for using…

“…two different operating systems for hiding his illegal activity. One is the regular B.C. operating system and the other is a black screen with white font which he uses prompt commands on.”

More bizarre details in EFF’s press release.


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