18 April 2010

A collection of concise e-mails sent by Steve Jobs

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9 February 2010

Google Buzz tries to emulate Facebook inside Gmail

…while Facebook is about to replace its inbox with a full featured Gmail clone. Blag.

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13 January 2010

E-mail on space stations delivered in Outlook OST files



15 August 2009

Gmail now supports sending through custom SMTP servers

This is old news at this point, but I think it’s worth noting. Your job application will no longer have that “Sent on behalf of ‘[email protected]'” stench.


30 July 2009

How to Avoid Gmail’s Sponsored Links/ads

“…include a sentence or two that mentions catastrophic events or tragedies […] After extensive testing I’ve discovered you need 1 catastrophic event or tragedy for every 167 words in the rest of the email.”


28 July 2009

A collection of intentionally confusing and rude e-mail replies to classified ads

2 July 2009

Gmail tips, from basic to advanced

Even if you’ve used Gmail for a long time, take a look at the black belt and master categories.


5 June 2009

How do I etid the HomePage

Celebrating corporate e-mail culture

Outlook plus abominable legalese, slogan and motivational goo plagued e-mail templates; Few things represent the lack of aesthetics and beauty in corporate culture as well as all big companies’ favored tool of purely unmanageable communications.

Also: NDA footers.

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7 September 2008

Just a Facebook chain letter

I find stuff like this amusing in a sad way; I’m never sure if the few people I know who keep sending me these do it with a campy/kitschy attitude (which should be illegal, even on FB) or if they somehow are unsophisticated enough to find this shit credible, or funny.

“Facebook is going to clear facebook accounts if ..

We all know that Facebook is an extraordinary social network where you can talk to friends, find old friends, and so much more.

The Facebook team is well aware that Facebook is getting over populated due to the fact that registrations have increased 50% since February 15 2008. At their signing in database, it shows that more than a quarter of the members of Facebook havn’t logged into their accounts in over a month.
So where is this leading to you may ask. Facebook is clearing their entire data base and deleting users who have not sent this message to their friends. If you are one of the these people, you will get your user account wiped and would have to re add all your friends. So send this message to as many of your friends as you can, I know you don’t want to start all over from scratch so send away, show your pride for members Facebook!

– Irin rayiz

See also (this is a link blog after all): chainletters.net

25 June 2008

Snail powered e-mail service

“Our snails are equipped with a miniaturised electronic circuit and antenna that enables them to be assigned messages from hardware located within their enclosure. The moment you click ‘send’ your message will travel at the speed of light to our snail server where it will await collection by a snail agent.”

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