28 August 2009

Stray dogs learn how to ride subway

“Scientists in Moscow say stray dogs have learned to use the subway to travel into the city’s center in search of food.

Biology professor Andrew Poyarkov said he has seen dogs exhibiting commuting behavior, as the dogs travel into the center of the city where they can more easily find food each morning, then travel back to where they live each evening.”

[via:Robert Wiblin]

15 January 2009

Vuokra-asunto sotkettu koiranulosteilla; Finnish Police discover dog shit covered apartment

Finnish Police discover dog shit covered apartment

When the Police entered a flat reported by neighbors as foul smelling, they found piles of excrement neatly shoveled around in some of the rooms. A former tenant, a 20 year old woman, is said to have had three dogs.

The article is in Finnish but the photos are descriptive enough. Google provides a somewhat readable translation for those interested.

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