19 March 2010

Enthusiast builds digital pinball machine using commodity PC hardware

…and the Hyperspin pinball simulation software.

[via:Jeff Atwood]

30 October 2009

The Happiness Hat stabs you (“provides pain feedback”) if your smile isn’t big enough. Arduino powered.

[via:Boing Boing]

27 October 2009

Kasabian Football Hero (powered by Arduino & Frets on Fire)

There’s also a making of video explaining the project’s use of pressure pads and open source tools. The song used is Underdog by Kasabian (video, Spotify).


1 October 2009

ron patrick street legal jet beetle

Street legal VW Beetle with jet engine

[via:Alex Beaudet]

27 August 2009

Home Theater PC Casemod: Mobira Talkman MD94NT2 mobile phone from 1984

80’s Mobira Talkman mobile phone turned into home theater PC


22 July 2008

The Polonium Pen: device for testing cocktails and beers for polonium

Useful for ex-spies.

7 July 2008

Photos: Mother makes wooden Simpsons cut-outs for son’s graduation

My mom never did anything like these for me. I’d prefer to have a lawnfull of characters from Terry Gilliam’s Monty Python animations, though. I can think of nothing better than decapitated Victorian aristocracy to show off in a garden.

Mother Makes Simpsons Cutouts For High School Graduate Son

[via:Kung Fu Grippe]

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