8 October 2009

Breathe Deep And Let Go Of Things

☸ Breathe Deep And Let Go Of Things
(Flickr photo, t-shirt). Inspired by this, which in turn was inspired by a WWII era British propaganda poster (buy).

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15 September 2009

typcut are you happy change something do you want to be happy flowchart

Do You Want To Be Happy?


12 August 2009

mac os x snow leopard wallpapers The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard desktop pictures

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windows 7 wallpaper

Windows 7 Wallpapers

There are a few nicely trippy ones. Great improvement over previous Windows default artwork.

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7 August 2009

old soviet era russian vinyl album covers records sleeves

Assorted Russian Soviet era album covers

A mixed bunch to say the least.


2 July 2009

Construct, a visual CSS editor based on Blueprint & jQuery


17 June 2009

The Outlet Wall, photography by David Friedman

The Outlet Wall

“Instead of hiding your outlets behind furniture and worrying about the mess of wires […], consider making an entire wall that’s nothing but outlets.”

Perfect for families with young children and fork collections.


13 June 2009

Wolcott's Instant Pain Annihilator -  'A speedy & permanent cure for headache, toothache, neuralgia, catarrh and weak nerves'

Old School Medicine Ads


11 June 2009


“YourLogoMakesMeBarf.com is intended to be a humorous look at what can go wrong when an unskilled person (your neighbor’s brother’s uncle’s friend anyone?!) designs a logo.”

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5 June 2009

How do I etid the HomePage

Celebrating corporate e-mail culture

Outlook plus abominable legalese, slogan and motivational goo plagued e-mail templates; Few things represent the lack of aesthetics and beauty in corporate culture as well as all big companies’ favored tool of purely unmanageable communications.

Also: NDA footers.

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3 April 2009

Rikki (S) 16 32,06 (sulfur t-shirt broken depressed)


Humoristinen t-paitaidea.

25 March 2009

Hero Within, T-Shirt design by MW82, knight with video game controller facing dragon

Hero Within

Awesomeness by Mikko Walamies (MW82). T-shirt here.


24 March 2009

Poster design by MW82

Responsible Recreation?

Poster design by MW82 (Mikko Walamies).


7 February 2009

Left 4 Book (from book covers for video games-thread on Something Awful)

Awesome book covers for games in Something Awful forums.

29 January 2009

In Self Defense: t-shirt from 200 Nipples limited edition by Jason Spencer of Killer Napkins

In Self Defense

More awesome, increasingly disturbing stuff on the designer’s own site.

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