14 February 2011

ACCESSION 2011 LENNU EDUSKUNTAAN (C64) is an election campaign ad for Lennu (Len Merikanto) of the demo group Accession and the Pirate Party. There’s a parliamentary election taking place in Finland on the 17:th of April this spring.

[via:Tero Inha]

30 August 2010

Pirate, warez scener, Fairlight founder, GOP chairman

[via:Tero Inha]

23 August 2009

Youtube HD: “8-bit trip”, astounding lego animation resembling oldschool demo

“1500 hours of moving legobricks and take photos of them.”

…and for goodness sakes, if you ever are going to press those HD/720p and fullscreen buttons in Youtube, do it for this video.

See also: Home page of Rymdreglagle, the creator.


15 August 2009

Kanava DELTA by Tekotuotanto

Lyhytelokuva-luokan voittaja Assembly Summer 2009-festivaalilla.

Katso myös: There Will Be Balls Touching, lisää lyhytelokuvia ja demoja.


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