22 August 2010

Electronic Voting Researcher Arrested Over Anonymous Source

Notice how the authorities claim that the machines are “tamper proof”.

[via:Harri Kivistö]

29 November 2009

Certain expressions not acceptable: UK right-wing MEP Nigel Farage reprimanded for criticizing Baroness Ashton, EU’s foreign minister, among others (Youtube).

Jerzy Buzek, The President of the European Parliament, was displeased with the “tone” Farage used in criticizing “important EU officials.”


13 October 2009

Guardian gagged from reporting parliament

According to Wikileaks, the gag order may be about toxic waste dumping outside the Ivory Coast.


29 October 2008

2% of Finnish municipal elections votes lost due to bad UI design

“The results of the election may have been affected, because the seats in municipal assemblies are often decided by margins of a few votes”

The saddest part of the story is that the ignorant fuckers who wanted privatized e-voting (or any e-voting) sold Finland’s Democratic process to Tietoenator, a company to which most sensible persons wouldn’t assign the task of drawing a flash-based Goatse.

TE previoulsy provided the voting system for the Finnish Parliament, a project plagued by delays and instability (link in Finnish).


4 August 2008

Vote for Nobody; Nobody will keep election promises; Nobody will listen to your concerns; Nobody will help the poor & unemployed; Nobody cares!; If Nobody is elected, things will be better for everyone; Nobody tells the truth!

The Truth is strong in Nobody

Street art: “Vote for Nobody”

According to the notes of another photo, this is located on a wall in Guelph, Ontario, CA.

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