1 June 2010

The Internet is killing car culture among US youth

“It’s not just new drivers driving less. The share of automobile miles driven by people ages 21 to 30 in the U.S. fell to 13.7% in 2009 from 18.3% in 2001 and 20.8% in 1995, according to data from the Federal Highway Administration’s National Household Travel Survey released earlier this year.”

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30 March 2010

Public funding for the arts has turned countries like Sweden into Meccas for indie music


23 March 2010

Silly Walks: India Pakistan Wagah Attari Border Closing Ceremony


19 March 2010

Why India loves Facebook

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8 January 2010

You Drive What?

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26 May 2009

Pick One.


13 August 2008

Research paper on inferring personality from young people’s e-mail addresses (University of Leipzig)

“Using 599 e-mail addresses of young adults, their self-reported personality scores and the personality judgments […], it was shown that personality impressions based solely on e-mail addresses were consensually shared by observers. Moreover, these impressions contained some degree of validity. This was true for neuroticism, openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and narcissism but not for extraversion.”


1 August 2008

Top Nine Songs About Self Love


29 June 2008

Executive producer of “Lost” and “Heroes” working on TV-show about piracy

Jesse Alexander, the executive producer of the popular TV-shows ‘Heroes’ and ‘Lost’ and Matt Mason, author of ‘The Pirate’s Dilemma’, are working on a new TV-show about piracy. The show will be based on Matt’s book, and will show how important pirates are for today’s society.

See also: The Pirate’s Dilemma

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