14 October 2009

the damned company by elliott d rosewater and wj galt book cover

The Damned Company

…by Elliott D. Rosewater and W.J. Galt. [Amazon]

“Turning the business fable on its head, the Damned Company is a farcical tour of Corporate Hell. Based loosely on Dante’s Inferno […]”


5 June 2009

How do I etid the HomePage

Celebrating corporate e-mail culture

Outlook plus abominable legalese, slogan and motivational goo plagued e-mail templates; Few things represent the lack of aesthetics and beauty in corporate culture as well as all big companies’ favored tool of purely unmanageable communications.

Also: NDA footers.

[via:Merlin Mann]

4 January 2009

Comic portraying office revolt, workplace transforming into a free, tribal society

Oldmeme is probably old, but deserves a posting. The next few days at work will be one great struggle against the temptation to attach this image to every sent e-mail message.

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