14 June 2010

UK music industry lobbyist Fran Nevrkla calls for death penalty for piracy


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20 May 2010

Founder of Internet Archive on the Google book scanning lawsuit

He mentions an actually unsettling side effect of Google’s endeavor: the accelerating privatization of library like institutions.

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14 May 2010

Actor/comedian Peter Serafinowicz on why he illegally downloads copyrighted material

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28 April 2010

IFPI’s child porn strategy (Christian Engström, Pirate MEP)

”Child pornography is great,” the speaker [at a seminar organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm on May 27, 2007, under the title ”Sweden — A Safe Haven for Pirates?] declared enthusiastically. ”It is great because politicians understand child pornography. By playing that card, we can get them to act, and start blocking sites.””

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20 January 2010

Obama Supports $675K File Sharing Verdict


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1 January 2010

Public Domain Day (2010-01-01)


13 December 2009

Kungliga tekniska högskolan om fildelning: Artisterna tjänar – skivbolagen förlorar

19 November 2009

Leaked news: UK Secretary of State to propose beyond fucked up changes to copyright law?

…including new, undemocratic, unparliamentary powers for the Secretary of State and prison sentences for file sharing.


20 October 2009

Rick Falkvinge: Open letter to the music industry

“This, of course, brings our agreement into question. If other providers are offering to perform the same service — creating music — without the cost that you have charged, in terms of a life-plus-70-years-monopoly, then we, as the legislators, are going to renegotiate the terms of that agreement.”

“We won’t be negotiating new terms with you, of course. No, we’ll be negotiating new terms with our new suppliers and just terminate the contract with you, as is the norm in any business.”

8 October 2009

The office of copyright nazi, French president Nicolas Sarkozy caught distributing pirated DVD copies


24 July 2009

Richard Stallman on the Swedish Pirate Party’s potential negative impact on Free Software

See also: rms


25 June 2009

In Corporate Welfare USA One Illegal Download Equals One And A Third Dead Relatives

In Reference To: Jammie Thomas’ retrial verdict.


1 December 2008

Change.gov embraces least restrictive Creative Commons license


23 November 2008

Ruotsin kokoomusnuoret vaativat tiedostojen jakamisen laillistamista

“Samaan aikaan kun Ruotsin päähallituspuolue maltillinen kokoomus ajaa pääministeri Fredrik Reinfeldtin johdolla tekijänoikeusteollisuudelle poliisioikeuksia ja vertaisverkkokäyttäjien kiristysmahdollisuuksia IPRED1-direktiivin kansallisessa toteutuksessa, puolueen nuorisojärjestö Moderata Ungdomsförbundet (MUF) […] päätti tämänpäiväisessä vuosikokouksessaan Göteborgissa vaatia ei-kaupallisen tiedostojen jakamisen laillistamista ja kansalaisten nettiviestinnän yksityisyyden suojaamista asiattomalta tungettelulta.”

14 September 2008

Court delays Indian Hari Puttar film release

“[Warner Bros] has been quoted as saying the the title of the Indian movie is confusing.”

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