13 January 2011

Excerpt from “Framing 101: How to Take Back Public Discourse”

From a book by cognitive linguist George Lakoff. In this chapter you’ll be introduced to the theory of giving your arguments and actual chance by choosing the right framing with a dose of Dare to Discipline, the Strict father model and progressive Nurturant parent models.

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20 April 2010

New Tory campaign poster – let’s cut benefits


16 September 2009

Racism in the background of US anti healthcare reform movement?

The article is more than a little partisan, but still an interesting facepalm inducing read.


10 February 2009

Indian right-wing org to receive pink underwear for Valentine’s day after attack on female bar customers

See also: Facebook group, Sri Ram Sena.

3 July 2008

Right-wing news site autoreplaces “Tyson Gay” with “Tyson Homosexual”

American Family Association, a well known promoter of ridiculously conservative “family values” in the USA, choses to automatically replace the word “Gay” with “Homosexual” in stories syndicated from Associated Press on the news section on their web site. Anyone with any common sense whatsoever should know that auto replacement of words will cause some interesting effects in the long run. This time, it was a report on sprinter Tyson Gay’s achievements that bit them.

29 June 2008

Video: Hilarious 1965 American anti-porn propaganda

“Perversion For Profit” attempts to link pornography and perversion of innocent children to the decay of American society. Part one is embedded below.

Watch: Perversion for Profit (part 1)

Watch: Perversion for Profit (part 2)


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