26 May 2010

The first in-depth technical analysis of VP8

The format may or may not be inferior to x264 but it will take time before mature implementations are available.


2 May 2010

H.264/MPEG-2 camcorders’ license allows shooting only for non-commercial purposes

[via:Miiro Lindfors]

12 January 2010

The current status of Youtube video quality/fmt’s

I’ve been posting Youtube links with the &fmt=18 format parameter for some time (example), but it looks like I’ll be checking if a “35” version is available for all non-HD videos I publish here from now on. For HD material, I think I’ll default to &fmt=22 until I get faster hardware and more bandwidth.

If the video player’s HD or HQ button doesn’t light up when a video is loaded with a specific parameter, the requested version doesn’t exist.

There are lots of fmts, and not all work with every video … :
my %fmtdesc=(
37 => “1080p mp4 (full-screen HQ)”,
35 => “high flv”,
34 => “standard flv”,
22 => “720p mp4 (full-screen HQ)”,
18 => “medium mp4”,
17 => “mobile 3gp”,
6 => “high quality flv”,
5 => “low quality flv”
Only #18 seems to work when it is not listed in the fmt_map, all others must be listed in order to be supported. Also, my text descriptions may not be completely accurate.

[via:Olli Sulopuisto]

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