27 April 2010

Spotify 0.4.3 sports local file playback support and social, sharing features, including tight Facebook integration. #

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20 January 2010

dropbox psychobox 404 not found error page picture

10 September 2009

Google Offers Undocumented Web-Embeddable Document Viewer

Works with at least PowerPoint and PDF files located on web servers. The same type of viewer has been in use in Gmail and Docs for some time.


12 June 2009

How Internet services are run, data centers explained

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8 June 2009

Spreadsheet Jesus approves: Introducing Dabble DB

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6 March 2009

Most of the time, most of us need almost nothing: Wired on the success of netbooks

The Eee PC 901‘s battery life stunned me, but the shitty keyboard made me buy a Macbook as soon as I could – I probably should have bought an Aspire One in the first place. The current generation Atom CPUs are too slow to run modern, Javascript and Flash heavy web sites smoothly, but I agree with the article, we’re getting closer to what most people actually need for their personal computing.


22 October 2008

Jungledisk acquired by Rackspace, a major managed hosting provider

Jungledisk is a magnificent proprietary multi-platform Amazon S3 based backup solution that almost everyone should be using.

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