17 January 2009

Demonstration against wiretapping law in Helsinki on Feb 5, 2009

Briefly in English: Meeting near the Central Railway Station at 14:30, demonstration to begin outside the Parliament at 15:00.

“Lex Nokia” is a loophole plagued law proposal which, if passed, would allow network owners to spy on header information (from/to fields) in electronic communications in order to stop very loosely defined “misuse”. Eavesdropping on “parts” of unencrypted electronic communication protocols is as much of a bad joke as pretending to be reading only the address part of a non-enveloped postcard.

The bill derives its informal name from Nokia, one of its corporate backers.

I’ve previously used this site as a vehicle for my views on the cancer of middle aged clueless-on-Internet-issues voters and politicians that’s destroying existing preconditions for civil liberties in my country.

Also: Google translation of the original post, the event on Facebook.

15 January 2009

Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine censored in the UK

…and as usual the excuse is “child porn”. I find it surprising that the shit eating, freedom hating fucktards responsible for censoring the Internet in Finland didn’t think of this before.

See also: Internet Archive


28 December 2008

Website discussing roadblocks and other violations of privacy in the USA

The site’s blog is worth subscribing to if you’re interested in unsettling news from the USA.

[via:No Agenda]

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