18 April 2010

Not only is this My First Cubicle-type product intensely depressing, it’s also stupid. Since when have moderatly gifted children actually needed special-made computers and software?

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12 December 2009

hello kitty day park fire burn school death blood bathtub doom dessert panic picnic hulk power ballad sulk wrist cutting late work avast pirate little pony pain chim chim boom ook bomb

I wish I had these retouching skills as a kid.


25 October 2009

Japanese futurism from 1969: The Rise of the Computerized School, illustrated by Shigeru Komatsuzaki - future classroom with watchful robots that rap students on the head if they lose focus or act up

Japanese 60’s futurism: visions of high tech schools and homes

Notice the cute whacker robots designed to beat children over the head if any rebellious acts occur in the computerized and unmanned classroom. Mmyeah, overgrown flyswatters on wheels will surely convince those fuckers to behave.

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23 September 2009

Data on all UK adults dealing with children in any organized manner to be screened, stored in database


27 August 2009

A six-year-old girl’s battle against schizophrenia

“”Is the Moban working?” her mother asks Jani during a visit. “No. I have more friends.””

See also: her father’s blog.


25 August 2009

aryan outfitters ms ruth ku klux klan photoessay by photojournalist anthony karen

Aryan Outfitters, photo essay on Ku Klux Klan robe manufacturing

“Coming from five generations of Ku Klux Klan members, 58-year-old “Ms. Ruth” sews hoods and robes for Klan members seven days a week, blessing each one when it’s done.”

The robes are available in child sizes!

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9 June 2009

How (and Why) to Teach a Child to Argue


2 April 2009

Why The Fuck Do You Have A Kid?



7 February 2009

Seven-year-old tripping after dentist appointment


3 February 2009

The Whitest Kids U’ Know: conspiracy talk with children

See also:

22 October 2008

11 year old Indian girl set on fire for wearing lipstick

“[The victim] was attacked by the man she called nana (grandfather). On Friday, Saleem told the little girl not to wear lipstick. When she defied him, in a fit of rage he allegedly molested her before pouring kerosene on her and setting her on fire.”

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