8 September 2012

Liisa Jokinen of the fashion blog Hel Looks

The Wall Street Journal talks to Liisa Jokinen, creator of Hel Looks

I personally think Hel Looks is a pretty interesting look into the everyday fashion of people who actually pay attention to, or overthink their clothing. Some people in Finland find the blog a bit outlandish and alienating though. This of course relates to Finland not being particularly urban.

Finland was an agrarian economy until the sixties but has since been suburbanized in a way that may be more comparable to country living and less tragically cartoonish than suburbs in more densely populated countries. For outsiders in the suburbs, there may be something quite easily ridiculed in the eagerness to build an urban identity in the few urban areas of Finland.

One of several Hel Looks parodies and spinoffs started from a perspective that’s more close to the Finnish population at large. Lande Looks (Rural Looks) takes a frank look at the ordinary, comfy and care free attitude of the inhabitants of the big, sprawling outback that is post-war Finland.

Another, more urban spin-off is operated by Varusteleka, an army outlet retail store known for their viral home grown marketing. Leka Looks documents the style ideas of people who prefer to build visually pleasing outfits off of the rugged and practical.


17 June 2010

WordPress 3.0 released

Finally some features that really improve WordPress’ level of usefulness a general purpose CMS.


23 April 2010

Sex is not the enemy

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18 April 2010

A collection of concise e-mails sent by Steve Jobs

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12 March 2010

Wired Reread: retro gold from old issues of Wired Magazine

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7 March 2010

Pansentient League: blog with Spotify related recommendations and discussion

Right now, the site features a conclusive list of standup comedy available on Spotify.

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28 January 2010

Awkward Stock Photos


27 January 2010

Look at this fucking hipster


Stop Making That Duckface


11 July 2009

Best of Wikipedia


17 November 2008

Offworld, Boing Boing’s new gaming blog

That web design is so retro it makes me want to eat mushrooms.


25 August 2008

The History of I Can Has Cheezburger

“At the Gnomedex conference […], I Can Has Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh talked about the genesis of the site, and some of the milestones it has gone through as it has become not only a household name but the vanguard–if not the originator–of one of the most popular memes ever to hit cyberspace.”

The slides from Huh’s talk are available as a pdf (backup copy)

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15 August 2008

Microsoft dev blog: Engineering Windows 7

This may, at some point in the future, provide interesting stuff on the development of Windows 7. The first posts are meta-BS, but I added the blog to my feed reader.

Those interested in operating systems or other software products should take a look at Microsoft’s collection of blogs (there are quite a few). It isn’t only traditional PR nonsense, they have quite a few interesting regular writers.

12 July 2008

Pundit Kitchen: (US) political humor, Cheezburger style


(I won’t post for a while. I’m on vacation afk.)

8 July 2008

Spanish blogger fined for comment left by reader calling Recording Industry org thieves


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