10 July 2009

Medieval fucktards of the week: Irish parliament passes blasphemy law

“…the maximum fine for blasphemy will be […] €25,000.”

More info here.


18 October 2008

PS3 game soundtrack with Qur’an reference causes massive recall

The combination of religious pigfuckers and corporate censorship is such great fun. Also: fuck multiculturalism.


30 August 2008

Martin Kippenberger's 'Zuerst die Füsse', a crucified green frog

Italian museum displays crucified frog despite accusations of blasphemy

“The wooden sculpture by the late German artist Martin Kippenberger depicts a frog about one metre 30 centimetres high nailed to brown cross and holding a beer mug in one outstretched hand and an egg in another.”

Photo from Ecopolis.


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