14 May 2010

Actor/comedian Peter Serafinowicz on why he illegally downloads copyrighted material

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18 November 2009

Them Crooked Vultures, 2009

Rolling Stone reviews Them Crooked Vultures

Yes, the new John Paul Jones/Dave Grohl/Josh Homme album is awesome. But I couldn’t find a link to a place where I could buy the album in an acceptable format so here’s a full quality copy via bittorrent instead (lossless, FLAC).

15 July 2009

Hid.im: convert torrents into PNG images

Just add steganography. More info on Torrentfreak.


1 July 2009

Zeropaid’s index of bittorrent sites

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30 June 2009

The Pirate Bay goes legal

This is a clear sign of the need for real decentralization. Bittorrent is awesome technology, but clearly not independent enough for these kinds of controversial but necessary infrastructure projects.

Also: TBP’s blog entry.


12 September 2008

The Pirate Bay claims to end all contact with Old Media

Due to pigfuckery performed by people representing Old Media, TPB claims to no longer respond to any press inquiries.

Anything even remotely connected to technology has never been represented correctly or fairly by journalists (whom we all know are clueless by definition), but the last straw for TPB’s staff was apparently claims made by a media outlet yesterday according to which TPB had “published pictures of dead children” (Google translation).

The pictures in question are part of autopsy reports related to a high profile murder case made public by the prosecutor and are, obviously for anyone familiar with Bittorrent, uploaded by some user of TPB. As TPB isn’t in the business of censoring the Internet, they have refused to remove anything except child porn from the service, which in this case lead to death threats being aimed towards the staff.

30 June 2008

Isohunt’s bitorrent search engine now supports https

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