24 August 2010

CIA LSD experiment?: The hallucination incident in Pont-Saint-Esprit

5 July 2010

An elaborate 4chan-based prank leaves Justin Bieber facing a tour of North Korea after having his web presence manipulated.

[via:Joonas Mäkinen]

2 July 2010

cookie shaped fossils of multi cellular life form from gabon 2.1 billion years old

Newly discovered “cookie-shaped” fossils of early multi-cellular life form


24 December 2009

James – Just Like Fred Astaire

Live on Later… with Jools Holland, 1999.

14 November 2009

Noam Chomsky on BBC Hard Talk 2009-11-09, parts 1, 2 and 3.

9 September 2009

Google Maps based massive multi-player Monopoly game launches

The game site is overloaded at the time of writing.


2 September 2009

Jail threat for Azerbaijani authors of satirical donkey video

Youtube link.


1 September 2009

Chrysaora melanaster is one of the largest Arctic jellies, living in the top layer of water at depths of between 20m and 40m

New knowledge on arctic jellyfish

See also: accompanying photos.


Activists demand posthumous UK government apology to WWII code breaker, computer inventor Alan Turing

Turing was prosecuted for gross indecency in 1952 after admitting a sexual relationship with a man and was forced to choose between a prison sentence and hormone therapy. After choosing the latter and getting his career destroyed, Turing killed himself two years later.

Related: If the logic of sodomy laws is applied, this blog is powered by a Homo’s Devil Machine.

Powered by a Homo's Devil Machine


18 August 2009

Azerbaijan Police questioning citizens who voted for Armenian Eurovision song contest entry

Also: some background info on the controversy, the song in question (Youtube).


13 August 2009

Rock guitar pioneer Les Paul dies at 94

7 July 2009

Ant mega-colony takes over world

A single mega-colony of ants has colonised much of the world, scientists have discovered.

Argentine ants living in vast numbers across Europe, the US and Japan belong to the same inter-related colony, and will refuse to fight one another.

16 June 2009

“Open Source” hydrogen car unveiled in London

See also: Company site, ultracapacitors

5 May 2009

Design student Sara Watson's Skoda car illusion: painted to merge with surroundings (University of Central Lancashire)

UK design student disappears car by painting it to merge with the surrounding car park


30 April 2009

The Hunt For Gollum, £3,000 Fan-Made 40 Minute Tolkien Epic To Be Released Online On 2009-05-03

Watch the trailer.

BBC posted an interview with director Chris Bouchard, who’s been involved with indie filmmaking before.

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