15 August 2009

Gmail now supports sending through custom SMTP servers

This is old news at this point, but I think it’s worth noting. Your job application will no longer have that “Sent on behalf of ‘[email protected]'” stench.


22 July 2009

Oakland, California votes yes on taxing the sale of medical marijuana

“Against the backdrop of budget deficits across the Golden State, the Californian city of Oakland votes yes to a proposal to tax the sale of medical marijuana. […] Cannabis is California’s biggest cash crop. It is valued at $14 billion annually.”

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9 July 2009

Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones form supergroup

“The frontmen of Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age have joined with Led Zeppelin’s bassist to form a secret rock group.”

Sweet shit stained Jesus. Do want.

21 June 2009

30 year project: man builds San Francisco toothpick model with tracks for ping-pong balls


17 May 2009

Robot crosses city by asking directions


10 May 2009

80's Pop-up book on personal computers

80’s Pop-up book on personal computers


22 December 2008


Contains 15.8% more awesome than Zombo.com.

12 September 2008

StackOverflow.com (beta) is made of distilled awesome

Stack Overflow will be a questions & answers site for programmers. A reputation/experience points and “bagdes” system comparable to those of online gaming systems are what’s supposed to drive people to the service, making the intended audience (easily distracted programmer types) forget about their jobs and ruining their lives further.

In addition to giving social advantages to people who ask good questions and give useful answers, the innovation of the system is described as a mix of features from digg/reddit voting sites, wikis and forums. Most notably, the site is entirely usable for anonymous users, keeping it easy to ask questions quickly. The reputation-tracking accounts use OpenID.

The project’s blog is now offering a beta access code, giving anyone who’s interested access to the site before its launch next Monday. Having played with the site earlier in the beta stage, I can wholeheartedly recommend anyone who might need help with coding to take a look at this.

9 July 2008

Last.fm offers independent artists royalty payments for streamed music

“This is a big day for independent artists as it marks the first time that musicians not affiliated with a label or royalty collection agency can collect revenue direct from a free streaming music platform. We’re very proud to now offer independent artists the same royalty opportunities as those presented to record labels acts.”

There’s no reason for any independent musician to keep any music from being streamable on Last.fm.

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