22 November 2009

Cleverbot: an AI that chats with you based on previous conversations

How did I miss this? Also, see this interview with Rollo Carpenter, the creator of Cleverbot and Jabberwacky.


28 October 2009

Society for the Promotion of Universal Nonexistence through Malicious AI

I hope this grows into a beautiful VHEMT like resource site.


2 September 2009

Translation Party – where machine translation and automated hilarity meets

Examples 1, 2. Techcrunch explains the site:

“At each step along the way, the words you began with gradually take shape to form something entirely different and (hopefully) awesome. The retranslations continue until you reach what the site calls ‘equilibrium’, when the English and Japanese words translate back and forth into exactly the same thing.”


17 May 2009

Robot crosses city by asking directions


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