14 February 2011

ACCESSION 2011 LENNU EDUSKUNTAAN (C64) is an election campaign ad for Lennu (Len Merikanto) of the demo group Accession and the Pirate Party. There’s a parliamentary election taking place in Finland on the 17:th of April this spring.

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27 May 2010

husband beating wife vintage ad chase sanborn coffee store-testing

Sexist vintage ads: some of these have been circulating the net for the longest time, still, there’s a few I hadn’t seen before.

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12 March 2010

Wired Reread: retro gold from old issues of Wired Magazine

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10 February 2010

Old Spice Commercial: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (I’m on a Horse)

More well written and cut ads in their channel.

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30 July 2009

How to Avoid Gmail’s Sponsored Links/ads

“…include a sentence or two that mentions catastrophic events or tragedies […] After extensive testing I’ve discovered you need 1 catastrophic event or tragedy for every 167 words in the rest of the email.”


18 July 2009

Facebook using user faces for ads

Failing contextual advertising is always hilarious. You might want to opt out, though.


30 June 2009

Microsoft’s strange new online video ads for Internet Explorer 8

I kind of liked F.O.M.S. and to some degree, G.R.I.P.E.S.. It can’t be easy to come up with something clever to say about a product known to everyone who cares as utter shit. But hey, IE9 is likely to be good enough for basic users in a Safari-like way.


11 May 2009

Global Coalition for Peace: What Goes Around Comes Around pillar ad posters

Global Coalition for Peace: What Goes Around Comes Around


24 March 2009

Poster design by MW82

Responsible Recreation?

Poster design by MW82 (Mikko Walamies).


21 March 2009

The CEO’s Guide to Jetting (hilarious JetBlue ads)

Direct links to each video: Chapter 1 (Welcome Aboard), Chapter 2 (The Airport), Chapter 3 (The Flight)


4 February 2009

Atheist bus slogan generator: There is probably no spoon now stop dreaming and take the red pill

Atheist bus slogan generator

Atheist Bus Campaign (Wikipedia)


17 January 2009

British Humanist Association Einstein Atheist Bus Campaign Tube Advert

Christian UK bus driver refuses to drive a bus with atheist “There’s probably no God” ad banner

See also: The home page of the ad campaign

26 July 2008

Meat commercial from Soviet-era Estonia

The words being chanted are “chicken” and “meat“, kanahakkliha=chicken minced meat. Edit: Harry Egipt, the man behind this and many other.. powerful Estonian tv ads has been discussed in-depth elsewhere.


25 July 2008

Beijing 2008 Amnesty International ad

Amnesty International (Hungary) ad: Beijing 2008 - Stop the China's World Record of Executions

Amnesty International ad: Beijing 2008 - Stop China's World Record of Executions

Full size and more info on Ads of the World.

4 July 2008

24 Unforgettable Advertisements

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