7 April 2010

Muse – Undisclosed Desires

EDIT 2010-04-24: Original video deleted, here’s another copy.

Live at BDO ’10.

12 March 2010

Wired Reread: retro gold from old issues of Wired Magazine

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2 March 2010

BioShock involved designer remakes Arcadia level for Doom II

…while also explaining differences between the game mechanics/player experience of Doom versus modern FPS games.


24 February 2010

Mia. – Sonne (Live)

German band (obvioulsy). The original track’s available on Spotify.

29 January 2010

ELO Part II – Evil Woman (live)

13 January 2010

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away (live)

Near Zeppelin-quality live act. Too sad I didn’t get to see them live before Frusciante quit.

The intro of this performance is from the Public Enemies song You’re Gonna Get Yours, sometimes subtitled “My 98 Oldsmobile” (Youtube, Spotify).

11 January 2010

Rachid Taha – Barra Barra (live)

23 December 2009

4chan founder moot to speak at TED2010

Christopher “moot” Poole started 4chan in 2003 by buying server space with his mom’s credit card. He was 15 at the time.

EDIT: The talk is online now.

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9 December 2009

James Howard Kunstler sounds a bit shouty at times, but he delivers funny food of thought in his TED talk “The tragedy of suburbia” (#). Kunstler discusses crimes against humanity within urban planning in the USA after WWII as it occurs in both cities and suburban landscapes.

You often hear people get quite poetic and fuzzy about what’s wrong with suburbia and cities in the USA and what works in places with actual character (“omg Paris!1!”). Kunstler gets specific and manages to put a finger on things most thinking humans have noticed but only moan aimlessly about.

Link: Youtube.

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6 December 2009

Professor James Duane’s 5th Amendment lecture “In Praise of the Fifth Amendment: Why No Criminal Suspect Should Ever Talk to the Police” was given as part of Regent Law School’s spring preview weekend in 2008. Link to Google Video.


22 November 2009

Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation – Shine It All Around (Live)

27 October 2009

Wall Street on the Tundra

The author explores the nature of Iceland and its financial crisis through the nation’s alpha male fisher attitudes, dangerous optimism, over-educated arrogance and… belief in elves. I laughed repeatedly.

22 October 2009

Nine Inch Nails – Survivalism (with Saul Williams, live in Atlanta 2009-05-10)

There’s lots of lovely HD quality stuff in the Nine Inch Nails Live 2009 channel.


7 September 2009

Streetlight Manifesto – Would you be impressed? (animated music video)

Animated music video for Streetlight Manifesto‘s song “Would You Be Impressed?” from the record “Somewhere In The Between“. Follow the link for HD video.



11 August 2009

Moby – That’s When I Reach For My Revolver (Live)

Old Mission Of Burma tune.

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