17 August 2009

Faith No More – Caffeine (Live, Rock Am Ring 1995)

The performance at Bizarre Festival 1997 is also available as a decent sounding recording (and a more strict dress code). Hanging With MTV from 1992 is good as well.

19 July 2009

Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy (Live performance at 1990 Grammy Awards)

I shun radio because of this medium’s way of overplaying specific songs. Thanks to this I’m able to actually enjoy old hits like this one for what they are: really good, catchy music. Also: childhood memories.

14 July 2009

Youtube High Definition: Radiohead Live @ Saitama – Oct 5, 08 – Tokyo, Japan

Some of the obviously catchy choices are 15 Step and Paranoid Android.

Related: Five Step, Mashup of Take Five and 15 Step by Overdub (mp3).

12 July 2009

Garbage – I Think I’m Paranoid

Live, possibly at TFI Friday, 1998. I have a thing for live-in-studio recordings of catchy songs.

21 March 2009

The Vintage Web, a collection of old-fashioned web design


1 August 2008

Faith No More – Midlife Crisis (Live, Bizarrefest ’97)

10 July 2008

Video: Tool – Stinkfist (Live in New Jersey 1997, unidentified concert)

Delicious wrongness. With real headphones, this actually sounds pretty good. I wasn’t able to find an as decent recording of recent, more refined versions.

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