14 May 2011

A screenshot from the documentary 'American: The Bill Hicks Story' (27 min). 'Only Bill would try Hallucinogenics before he tried alcohol'

American: The Bill Hicks Story (imdb) is a fine, must see documentary for all comedy fans and People of Counterculture. The movie shows us a man who during his own lifetime lived and breathed relentless dedication to speaking hurtful truths to barely receptive small-town comedy club audiences, but was privileged enough to witness the early days of his persona’s journey towards cult-like status.

You can buy your own copy or rent a stream (HD quality available) on the film’s site. A 720p copy can be downloaded illegally over bittorrent.

The documentary is definitely worth its weight in HD bandwidth thanks to a ton of gorgeous animations made from photo cutouts. Lazy, white-trash Finnish fans might however enjoy the free, subtitled low-res copy of the movie on The Finnish Broadcasting Company’s Areena streaming site (25 days of geographically restricted availability left at the time of posting).

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1 June 2010

The RSV safety car

How the U.S. Government killed the safest American car ever built

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17 November 2009

ICU64, real-time view and edit of Commodore 64 memory

More, better quality videos.


20 October 2009

I should have been busy working on other stuff today, so quite naturally ended up nursing an obsession of mine; browsing through metric buttloads of catchy songs recorded live. Here’s what I found:

Van Morrison – Moondance (Live at Montreux 1980)

John Mellencamp – Jack & Diane (Live at the Budokan, Tokyo 1986)

The Stone Roses – (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister

Supergrass – Moving (Bizarre Festival 1999)

23 September 2009

Neil Young – Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World (Saturday Night Live, September 1989)

A classic TV live performance of the anti-Bush anthem of the late 80’s.

6 September 2009

Pink Floyd – Learning To Fly (Live, 1988)

This audio only track of the same recording from Delicate Sound Of Thunder might sound a tad better but lacks the stunning visuals. Delicate Sound Of Thunder was the first album to be played in space.

27 August 2009

Home Theater PC Casemod: Mobira Talkman MD94NT2 mobile phone from 1984

80’s Mobira Talkman mobile phone turned into home theater PC


10 August 2009

INXS – Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain) (Live)

Shitty recording. This one may sound better if you have enough bass.

31 July 2009

Youtube HD: David Bowie – Blue Jean (Live 1987, Glass Spider Tour)

Also: China Girl, another Blue Jean (Live on The Tonight Show in 2003, A Reality Tour).

10 July 2009

Split Enz – I Got You (recorded live for ABC’s “Fridays”, 1980)

Catchy song. Notice Neil Finn‘s retro performance spiced with creepy looks.

See also: Split Enz

10 May 2009

80's Pop-up book on personal computers

80’s Pop-up book on personal computers


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