24 August 2010

CIA LSD experiment?: The hallucination incident in Pont-Saint-Esprit

20 June 2010

mickey mouse and the medicine man speed amphetamine salesman 1950s comic

“Mickey Mouse and the Medicine Man” – A 50’s comic in which Mickey travels to Africa with Goofy as amphetamine salesmen.

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27 May 2010

husband beating wife vintage ad chase sanborn coffee store-testing

Sexist vintage ads: some of these have been circulating the net for the longest time, still, there’s a few I hadn’t seen before.

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25 February 2010

“What started out as an exercise in model building and photography, ended up as a dream-like reconstruction of the town I grew up in. It’s not an exact recreation, but it does capture the mood of my memories.”

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7 May 2009

Thomas Allen's 40's, 50's pulp book collage art

Thomas Allen’s 40’s, 50’s pulp book collage art

“American photographer Thomas Allen constructs witty and clever dioramas using figures cut from the covers of old pulp paperbacks.”

[via:Boing Boing]

26 February 2009

So you say people will tweet what they eat for breakfast' -'And upload pictures of their breakfasts to a Facebook?' -'And other people will look at the breakfasts and make comments?' -'No offense future man, but is everyone in your time retarded' -'Sorry to burst your bubble, dudes, but you asked. Yes, that's the future''

The future must be retarded


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